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How To Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses is the most thorough book on selecting a boarding facility that I have ever read. Reading it could save you a lot of trouble or prevent an injury to your horse.”

— Hermen Geertsema, DVM, Hermen Geertsema Equine Services, www.geertsema.ca

How To Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses gallops way ahead with author’s knowledge and insight into the horse boarding world. Provided me with the most useful advice I’ve seen in a long time. Love for these animals comes through loud and clear. Four horseshoes way up!”

— Carl Webster, Rural Farm Appraiser

“ ‘How to find trouble free horse boarding, even if you’re new to horses’ is a long-overdue work of art! This book is a must read for all new horse owners and should be carefully considered by experienced horse people as well. It fairly teems with sagely advice and hard-earned wisdom that few of us could afford to discover on our own.

Take a well-earned bow, Ronaye! I’d like to keep a few copies of this book in the truck with me; I know it would certainly make me feel a lot better knowing I could offer it to someone who otherwise might have to go through the trauma & ordeal of making preventable mistakes with their horses. I am very proud to have contributed in some small way to this endeavour.”

— Kevan Garecki, Professional Horse Hauler,
H4 Services, www.h-4.ca

“Being a horse owner for the past 29 years, I can definitely say that I wish I had Ronaye’s book beside me for some of those years when I needed to board my horse out. Thinking I had my horse’s best interest in mind, I definitely went through my share of gut-wrenching challenges at many boarding facilities.

My horse got into turkey starter feed (someone didn’t shut the gate properly behind them), barbed wire accidents (so bad that the vet thought she wouldn’t make it through one) and unpredictable horse dynamics where she was getting hurt by being bullied more than a horse should, to name just a few of the problems.

Finding Ronaye’s book, I realized that I can find the perfect stress-free board and have a healthy, mentally happy and safe horse. Ronaye runs her own boarding facility under the same concepts of her book.

By reading the many fantastic tips this easy-to-read book has to offer, you’ll be thrilled to use it every step of the way in finding that safe and happy home your equine friend deserves!”

— Romana van Lissum, A horse owner for almost 30 years,
endurance rider for 6.
Author of How to be a Waitress and make Big Tips, www.HowToBeAWaitress.com

“I wish Ronaye had written this book 12 years ago, when I first started boarding my horses. I realize now that I didn’t have a clue of what to look for. Not till 8 years later, when I moved my horses to Ronaye’s barn, did I find what I didn’t know my horses and I needed. Since arriving, my horses have been well looked after, their stalls are always clean and comfortable, their food is customized to their needs, they have a fantastic turnout and pasture… but mostly, they are SAFE.

From the moment they arrived, they were relaxed – I couldn’t believe how quickly they adjusted. Especially my mare – she’s a very nervous horse who never wanted to leave the barn. In the 3 and ½ years we’ve been at Ronaye’s, not once has Shady balked at going out to the pasture. In fact, she hates staying in her stall during the day. What a change!

Everything Ronaye has written in her book, she practices. She knows what she’s talking about! Follow the advice she gives in this book – your horse will be happy and you will sleep soundly at night.”

— Jo-Ann, Boarder at Jaquima Ranch

Hi Ronaye,
I am sooooooooo happy I found your website and your fabulous ebook! I bought it right away. And I just had to write and thank you.

In a nutshell, I have rekindled my deepest passion – horses – now this late in my life. I couldn’t be happier.

I have tried to formulate a 5 year plan where I do my homework and re learn the language and learn a lot more. I have never owned a horse but have ridden for the last 40 years on and off. (I am not ancient but I am 52)

Well in this my 2nd year of my “5 yr plan” I have fallen in love with a beautiful Andalusian gelding, just a fairytale horse.

I realized when looking around for boarding near my home it wasn’t just the “vacancy” “no vacancy” I had to be aware of.

I may not be able to get this first love because if I do I will have to keep him at his current home – which is beautiful, and clean and many of the right things – but just too far away.

I can’t thank you enough for all the information. Again I know it is easy to fall in love with these magical creatures but I have to be more than fiscally responsible too.

Your worksheets are going with me to every barn “interview”.

You are just a godsend!

Brightest Blessings

— Athyn, California

“I’ve boarded my horses for over thirty years and made many mistakes. Ronaye’s thorough coverage of both sides of boarding (horse owner and barn owner) will give even a seasoned horseperson something to think about.

If you are going to board your horse, you really need to consider so much before turning your horse’s care over to someone. Go through ‘HOW TO FIND Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses’ and decide what you can compromise on and what you can’t and take that list when you visit a barn.

If you’re thinking of filling your barn with boarders, read the book first and find out if you really want to deal with all that goes with it. Every horse owner has their own idea of how things should be done and you will hear about it at some point. Ronaye’s book will help anyone prepare for the well-being of their horse or their barn.”

— Corinne Hunt, Canadian Holistic Pet Food,

“Whether you are a horse boarder or own a horse boarding farm, this book is a must read. Ronaye’s research and first hand experience lays it all out in an easy, step-by-step manner so you can be sure to find the best boarding stable for your horse.

Before you choose the next home for your horse, take some lessons from Ronaye and make your choice with confidence!”

— Marie Taulbee, Owner of LaRaedo Horse Farm Management Software, www.LaRaedo.com

“Thanks Ronaye! You make what might otherwise be a dry subject come alive with your insights and the sharing of your vast field of experience. As a former cutting horse wrangler I’ve spent my time in and around the barn and you’ve proven to me again that you can teach an old dog new tricks…”

— Liam Snell, In memory to Molly-Bee, my equine partner,

The book is extremely thorough without being boring. I love Ronaye’s honesty and where she shares the moments of when she was once a newbie and lacked experience. There are even tips on what to look for when looking at roofing, how to spot potential problems and how these could be effecting your horse. Some of the information would never have crossed my mind. And it’s not only about horses. There is also a large emphasis on helping you get a place that you enjoy.

Once you’ve read the book you really do feel prepared to find the perfect home for your horse and yourself. Before wasting time and money on a stable it would be well worth your while to read this first. You will make fewer mistakes and have peace of mind knowing that you are doing the very best for your best friend.

I would love to read another informative book by Ronaye Ireland, she really speaks from experience and has a fun way of sharing what she has learned.

— Gail Nelson a newbie from Whonnock B.C.
Children’s Math Games, PlatoLearn.com

… I’ve been drawn in… It’s very nicely designed (and that’s a real compliment! I’m a book designer.) And your writing is friendly and inviting. The pictures add just enough interest, but aren’t distracting. I’m amazed at all the details you’ve covered! You haven’t missed a thing.

Also, it’s really cool how you insert little stories along the way. Like the time your horse jumped out of the stall when snow slid off the roof and spooked her. I TOTALLY get it, like I was there with you! And your story about building your own round pen is very interesting. This is a fabulous e-book, and I’ll recommend it to my friends.

— Liz Tufte, long time horse owner and boarder, Minneapolis

“Thanks to your book, I recently found a GREAT barn for my horse! I knew which questions to ask and what to look for, and I didn’t settle until I found exactly what I was looking for, in my budget. It took six visits, but I found the right one. My horse is happy and well cared for, and that makes me happy.”

— Kim, Michigan, US

  • Do you have that nagging feeling that you may be paying too much for board and are worried that your horse may not be happy? Finding the right horse boarding stable doesn't have to be that overwhelming ... When you have the RIGHT information at your finger tips! Pick up a copy of my book How to Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You are New to Horses.

    Do you have that nagging feeling that you may be paying too much for board and are worried that your horse may not be happy? Finding the right horse boarding stable doesn't have to be that overwhelming ... When you have the RIGHT information at your finger tips! Pick up a copy of my book How to Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You are New to Horses.

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