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Can you actually make money running a horse boarding stable?

That’s certainly a question that’s often been on my mind. I definitely believe you can … but you have to be savvy about how you run your business.

Boarding other people’s horses is an interesting journey and not one that comes without the necessary challenges.

Mind you, what service industry doesn’t? Though I have to say that the dynamics of running a horse boarding stable are more colorful than any other industry I have experienced.

People dynamics, herd dynamics, and the running of the business so it turns a profit and doesn’t become a charity action makes for an interesting balancing act. And there are many ways of dealing with it.

I want to shed some light on some of these things based on what I have experienced and I would hope you’ll jump in if you have a story to share, a different point of view or a better answer.

I’m also in the process of writing another book which is specifically for you who would like to get into this business or improve your current business. In fact, I would love to get your input so please participate in my blog post “boarding other people’s horses … what does it take?”.

If you have any questions, please send them to me … I will turn these into blog posts where possible or as input for my book. You can either use the online form or send your questions directly to me at And don’t worry, I take your privacy very serious and will not use your name or contact information!

I want this to be a resource for you where you can learn from me and others and get the best out of your journey as a barn owner :)

So, dig in, participate and enjoy!!

What is the cost of board and what is included? Are you making assumptions?

When I was new to boarding, and new to horse ownership, I didn’t know to pay attention to things like blanketing, type of feed, fly masks on and off. Actually, I paid attention to it, but was pretty clueless when it came to knowing what to look for or what were reasonable expectations to have. […]

Transitioning your horse to a new horse boarding stable.

The transition process for you and your horse … Is this stressful time handled properly? Since I have to entrust my dearest friend to total strangers and a new environment, I don’t take the decision of moving my boy lightly. In one respect it’s an exciting time because I think the change is a positive […]

Should you buy an existing horse boarding facility or start from scratch?

Here’s another question I get asked often, and, Ducky, thank you for prompting me to create a post on the topic! Ducky’s question: “I have been considering this venture. My biggest question is whether it is better to find a facility with buildings already in place or is it better to start from scratch? I […]

Bedding pellets or shavings for horse bedding?

Hi! :) In the following video I talk about some of the differences between bedding pellets and shavings. Personally I’m quite a fan of bedding pellets and have come across quite a few people who are not entirely sure on how to use them. So, apart from covering some of the differences between bedding pellets […]

Different styles of horse boarding … what’s right for you?

When I bought my first horse, a beautiful three year old Tobiano paint (no bias here!) I was boarded at a private full-board facility. Apart from trail access and an outdoor arena there wasn’t anything else. I really wanted to have access to a round pen seeing that my new boy was just halter broke […]

What can you afford and where are some of the hidden costs?

Horses are expensive! I sure found that out. And it has nothing to do with the purchase price. That’s the easy part. It’s everything after the fact. Now we need halters, saddles, rain sheets, winter blankets, fly masks, grooming aids, you name it. He needs manicures and doctor’s appointments. For most of us we also […]

What makes a good home for your horse … and what kind of care do you want him to have?

For me it’s very important that my horses get to live like horses. They need the safety of the herd, the social interactions, play mates, and the ability to move around. Within the constraints of available space on my 10 acres I’ve done my best to provide a happy, safe and healthy home for the […]

The business side of things …

I’m thankful that I understand what it takes to run a business. That doesn’t mean there is no room for improvement, but at least I do have a solid background to draw from. When I started my journey it certainly was a leap of faith. I had no idea what I was getting myself into. […]

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