• This injury ended up costing me $500 in vet fees and could have been prevented with a $1 solution and 2 minutes of my time!

    I would have never thought that this could happen :(


    This injury was the result of improper herd integration practices and inappropriate fencing. The photo was submitted by one of my readers.


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“Empower yourself with
and KNOW that you will have
the confidence and knowledge to choose
the RIGHT horse boarding stable for your horse
even if this is all new to you!”

“I’ll share with you what you need to look for in a horse boarding stable. Things to observe and the questions to ask so you CAN AVOID those nightmares everybody else talks about.”

Dear fellow horse lover,

… are you feeling overwhelmed with the number of available choices and are going around in circles not knowing where to start?

… did you just buy your first horse and the reality of the responsibility you’ve taken on is starting to sink in?

… are you hearing these horrible stories about accidents and experiences everybody else seems to have gone through? And now you are wondering how the heck you can avoid anything like that from ever happening to you?

… are you feeling uncomfortable each time you walk into a horse boarding stable because you feel people’s eyes run you over top to bottom, making you feel like you don’t belong?

… did you just buy your first horse and now find yourself frantically searching through the internet because you realize that you don’t really know what to look for in a horse boarding stable?

… do you find yourself getting into a conversation with a barn owner and suddenly realize that you don’t really know what to ask, making you feel like an idiot and now all you want to do is leave?

… did you just buy your daughter’s first horse? The one she’s always dreamed of? You’ve never owned a horse before but now you are faced with making all the decisions! You don’t want your daughter’s dream become your nightmare.

… are you feeling like a total rookie even though you’ve been around horses for half your life?

Is ANY of this happening to you right now?

If you’re like me when I first started out than you’ve probably been in one or more of these situations… perhaps even more than once!

I still remember that day when I finally turned my childhood dream into a reality … I stood there with the lead rope in my hand holding my newly acquired FIRST HORSE, a beautiful black and white Tobiano paint.

I can still hear myself thinking “what did I just do?” The magnitude of the responsibility I had taken on was slowly starting to sink in. And worse, my new horse was only three years old and barely halter broke!

Now that I was faced with the responsibility of his fate, I started to check in with myself … what do I actually know about horses? I mean, what do I REALLY know about horses?

Sure, I’ve ridden since I was 8 years old. I’ve had my lease horse for 3 years. I have been taking natural horsemanship during the past few of years. I’ve been around horses for almost half my life.

But others have always assumed the responsibilities that go hand in hand with owning the horse. Things like routine health care, nutrition, training, choosing a suitable horse boarding stable and so on. Any of this I had never been involved with – up until that moment when I was looking at MY OWN horse.

That day my life sure changed…

Looking for a horse boarding stable I learned
was much harder than I thought it would be …

I had bought my horse from the barn owner where my lease horse was boarded. The logical thing for me to do was to leave him there but the horse boarding stable didn’t provide me with the kind of training aids I wanted to have. So I started to look around.

Cost and a round pen were at the top of my priority list, but apart from that I had NO IDEA what to look for. I knew nothing about fencing, feed, nutrition, safe surroundings, appropriate living conditions, bedding, routines, responsible barn management, boarding options, you name it.

As I started to visit a variety of places I quickly realized that I needed to know a lot more before I could make an educated decision. My head was spinning and I was overwhelmed with the number of different ways “the same thing” was being presented. It was impossible for me to tell whether one thing was better or worse than the other.

And I have to admit that I felt very uncomfortable walking into these places and talking to all these “horsey” people. I couldn’t talk their talk. I couldn’t answer their questions and I sure didn’t know what to ask for. I felt like such an idiot. Half my life I’ve spent with horses for God’s sake!

By not knowing what to look for I didn’t have the confidence that I’d make the right decision that would give my horse that happy, safe and healthy home I wanted him to have. I simply didn’t know enough about what he needed. So, I was more than happy to abandon my search when my barn owner was willing to let us put up our own round pen.

Then things started to shift for me …

When I brought my horses home a year later I have to admit I was in for a bit of a surprise … I mean, don’t they frolic and play all day? Uhm, no… I was quite disappointed to see them with their nose down grazing non-stop 24/7 quite frankly.

Though after a little while I became fascinated with their social structure and how they chummed together and had their playful times. I watched them for hours.

That’s when I realized that my mental picture of what horses were all about was quite different from what was really going on in their world.

After all, when you board your horse you may only see him 2 or 3 times per week. During that time you do stuff with him like grooming, going for a ride or perhaps have a lesson. It does not give you any context of your horse’s day-to-day life. In fact, I started to realize how much I had missed out on.

Apart from having my eyes opened about horses, I also got fast tracked in my education on horse housing.

When I bought the place, I knew the old barn needed work and it was a far cry from the ideal I had in my head. But I had no idea that it was so unsuitable and dangerous for horses until I saw how my horses interacted with this space.

Take a look at the below picture – in fact, it was much worse than what this photo portrays. But, believe it or not, this used to house five horses and a few cows. I was speechless. I couldn’t even find room in there for my three!

By watching my horses and seeing how they dealt with this horrible space, I started to understand what horses actually needed and preferred. But also what screamed TROUBLE. I also started to understand their curious nature. I mean, they’ll get into anything if given the chance!

The Old Barn

The Old Barn, highly unfit for any horse. The "stalls" were 7 x 10 feet. I was holding my breath watching my horse turn around in here, praying he wouldn't get stuck on anything or get himself wedged and panic!

I redesigned the barn taking into consideration everything I had learned. And with the help of my amazing friend, Rudy, we transformed this unbelievable nightmare into this:

This is the back side of the barn. I designed it in such a way that my horses could use it as a run in or be separated in their own stalls if need be.

This is the back side of the barn. I designed it in such a way that my horses could use it as a run in or be separated in their own stalls if need be. The stalls now measure 10x13 feet.

My horses were quite happy with the change.

And so was I! I was finally able to sleep at night. It felt good to know that they had a place to go to and hide from the elements – SAFELY. I’m not sure who was happier, me or them? There is always a second agenda you know ;)

I’m sure my horses had a good laugh at me at times. “What’s with all the fuss? Just give us a mud hole to roll in and some trees to stand under… I mean, really, we’ve done this for centuries… Relax okay?”

Let’s just stop for a moment…
I’m curious to see what your thoughts are on this …

I’d like you to take a minute and think about the ideal home you have in YOUR mind for your horse, what does that ideal home look like? Remember, this is YOU talking.

I’d like you to write this down, because this is quite important. You’ll see where I’m going with this in a minute …

  1. What does the IDEAL home for your horse look like, smell like, feel like?
  2. What does it feel like to YOU when your horse has the IDEAL home?
  3. How would your horse behave as a result of the IDEAL home?
  4. What do you think your horse thinks is the IDEAL home for him?

Did you write that down? Good.

Now, let’s move on …

After transforming the old barn, I didn’t stop …

We had bought the property with the intent to build another house, but in order to have two residential homes on one property in our area, you have to have farm classification.

“Well” I thought, “I know enough about horses and I can get farm class with horses and if we build a barn I can rent out a stall or two and have another revenue stream…”

I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

By now I had learned a few things. I had stayed at a few boarding stables, I had taken care of my own horses on the property, I rebuilt their home, I stayed at different stables while attending clinics and observed how horses behaved in “normal” environments, I observed how my horses lived and what made them happy and content, what worked and what didn’t; where accidents were likely to happen and how to avoid them.

I also listened to a lot of horse owners, and most people expressed their frustrations with their horse not getting turned out enough; getting the wrong or not enough food; being all stressed out; becoming ill and lame and not being fit to be ridden; or expensive vet bills due to unsafe environments or carelessness, and the list goes on.

I finally figured out what worked …

Remember, before moving to the property I didn’t live with horses. Once I started to live with horses I realized what a distorted picture I’ve always had about what horses need and how much I actually didn’t know.

Once I realized this, things started to shift for me. It became clear that all along I had been looking at this whole idea of horse boarding from the wrong perspective.

I mean “duh”, the answer I’m about to share is just so simple. In fact embarrassingly simple.

So, why did it take me all this time to figure it out?

I mean, really, it’s not about US, is it?

When we don’t know what to look for we tend to look at what others do. And when we don’t really get what our horses need, we not only project our own personal wants and needs on to them (I’m cold, so he must be cold) but also copy what other people do with their horse (the horse stays in a stall overnight and gets turned out in a small pen for the day).

I mean, everybody else is doing it, so it must be how it’s done.

And that makes current practices okay, even though they may actually NOT be okay for our horse.

Are you with me on this?

So when I originally started out, I was looking at what everybody else was doing with their horses which led me to believe that that was the right way.

Horse boarding stables know that it’s YOU who makes the decisions and that you pay the bills, so most horse boarding stables are designed to accommodate you first with minimal consideration for what your horse needs by nature.

After all YOUR desires and YOUR money keeps the business running.

Plus if the horse boarding stable can pack more horses into a smaller area, the business earns more dollars per square foot.


And this is the thing that really hit home for me …

If you REALLY want to put an END to unnecessary vet bills, ill health, stress, AND for you to stop living in a constant state of worry, you HAVE to view horse boarding stables from the horse’s perspective.


Because in order to have a happy and healthy horse, your horse needs to live in an ENVIRONMENT that SUPPORTS his basic NEEDS and NATURE: socially, physically and emotionally.

And that’s the bottom line.

Once I realized this, I started to design the barn and surrounding areas with the horse in mind first, and then integrated that with my needs and that of everyone else who would be using the facility. After tons of research and two years of an unbelievable amount of hard work, my horse boarding stable was finally finished.

Hang on for a sec … did you say we’re
looking at horse boarding stables from the
wrong perspective?


Let’s go back for a minute to those notes you wrote down earlier, remember? Take a look at your answers … who’s needs were you focusing on? Yours or that of your horse? If you looked at things through your horse’s eyes, awesome. But most people unfortunately don’t.

When I initially answered those for myself it was more about me and what I thought was important for my horse. For instance I was more concerned with a place having the things I wanted, like close to trails, jump standards, an arena, that sort of thing. Plus, and probably the one most important thing on my mind, was cost. The cheaper the better!

As long as my horse had a stall and an area to go outside, enough to eat, fresh water and didn’t get scraped up, I thought I was there. I never gave it any thought of how my horse would behave as a result of his ENVIRONMENT and how that would effect my relationship with him. I certainly never really thought to think of what made him truly happy.

Kind of sad hey? Yah.

I just didn’t know any better, plus wasn’t it what everybody else did? And horse boarding stables are in the business of setting up the right environment for horses, aren’t they? So what was there to think about really?


If only it were that simply.

If I were to answer those questions today, I can tell you, my answers would be very different.

I’d be very clear on what I wanted to see for my horse, and it goes a lot further than just having a stall, enough to eat, a space outside, etc.


Because I’ve learned that in order for me to live my dream with horses, I have to look at the world from their perspective. Which means that their social, physical and emotional needs are taken care of within their living environment. And there is a whole list of ingredients that go into this which you’ll learn about later.

So, I hope you can see that being clear on what that end result looks like, smells like, feels like and how that ends up being reflected in your horse’s behavior is super important!

Or did you just realize that you actually have never considered looking at this whole concept from the horse’s perspective? Even though you might have thought you did, like me.

Maybe you realized that you actually don’t really know what horses want and need. Much like me when I started out, remember?

If you don’t have a clear and realistic picture in your mind you’re like a ship without a rudder. How will you know that you’ve arrived at your destination if you don’t know what it is supposed to look like? How will you know that the picture you DO hold in your mind is in fact what your horse needs?

See, without being realistic and clear about what you want, it’s hard NOT to walk into costly and bad situations! Being clear is everything, and this applies to other parts of your life as well :) But that’s a whole other topic!

Remember what I said earlier about horse boarding businesses? They know to cater to your wants and needs because you make the decisions and pay the bills. So they’re going to cater to your side of the story. But it’s not your home. You don’t live there 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year. I want you to be very aware of that.

Now don’t go beating yourself up. Change happens as a result of becoming aware first. And I’m very happy that you’re reading this because to me it means you know there is a better way and you’re checking things out. That’s awesome!

Here are a few pictures of the environment I ended up creating … everything was built with a “horse first” approach. Though humans didn’t have to suffer much either ;)

Each of the stalls open up to good sized paddocks and I can combine spaces as I please. I don't have to lock the horses up, and they're sure much happier for it.

Each of the stalls open up to good sized paddocks and I can combine spaces as I please. I don't have to lock the horses up and they sure appreciate that.

A 16ft aisleway means that there is lots of space to move around. When it comes to horses, having enough space is essential.

A 16ft aisleway means that there is lots of space to move around. When it comes to horses, having enough open space is essential. Remember, horses are claustrophobic by nature.

Each of the stalls can be combined by opening any the large doors that separate them. If horses get along really well, I combine their space so they can be together. The vaulted ceilings give a very spacious feel making it much more comfortable for our claustrophobic friends. This setup also makes cleaning of the barn so much easier and faster.

Each of the stalls can be combined by opening any the large doors that separate them. If horses get along really well, I combine their space so they can be together. The vaulted ceilings give a very spacious feel making it much more comfortable for our claustrophobic friends. This setup also makes cleaning of the barn so much easier and faster.

Proper turnout means that horses get an opportunity to socialize and be a horse.

So, does my “horse first” approach work?

Well, let’s see …

The real test came when my first boarders moved in on October 1, 2006 …

Each of the horses that came to live with me came from less than ideal environments and since I visit horses before I accept them, I have seen how they lived.

In fact, remember that earlier picture of my old barn? Some of my boarders had their horses live in worse places … for years!

The conditions were so bad in fact that rats were eating out of the same grain buckets as their horses – and it was acceptable. That’s disgusting!

I also came across fancy, upscale horse boarding stables that catered to the people and only provided the absolute minimum they could get away with for the horse. Most of these horses were stressed to the nine’s and very unhappy!

Many of the horses that have come here had near chronic health problems, kept getting injured due to unsafe surroundings, had lost their zest for life, or were undergoing major emotional stress because they just didn’t get what they so needed being a horse.

Some of these horses were locked up for days in small stalls without an opportunity to stretch their legs and breathe in fresh air, or run and play with their pals.

Every horse that has come to live at my horse boarding stable settled down in record time.

And every single horse has gone through a complete transformation. Some you hardly recognize anymore because they’ve so completely changed and come into their own.

Everyone is healthy, quiet and content. Previous stress or health issues have become a thing of the past.

And not only that, their owners have their freedom back again and can leave for extended periods of time and do the things they want to do without having to worry about the well-being of their horses. They also got their quality time at the barn back. No more crazy vet bills. And no more surprises.

So, YES, you bet, my “horse first” approach ABSOLUTELY works!

And, thankfully, I’m not the only one
for whom this “horse first” approach works …

There are others that understand what ingredients create a “horse friendly environment” and they focus on the horse’s needs first. People who have the luxury of being able to keep their horses at home know exactly what I’m talking about.

But most people don’t have the option to keep their horse at home, however, the good news is that other horse boarding stables that have taken “the horse first” approach get the same results as me and do exist. But they’re not so easy to find.

My vet often comments how he sure wished that there were more horse boarding stables out there that took “the horse first” approach. And you can imagine how many establishments he visits.

How are you going to find these places that take
“the horse first” approach?

In my area there are a ton of horse boarding stables, but they certainly aren’t created equal.

In fact, just the other day I heard a disturbing comment that many of the stables are run by people that know less about horses than their boarders.

Yah … Ouch!

So, how do YOU separate the good horse boarding stables from the bad?

Well, that’s where I can help you…

After having seen how horses live and the anxiety and frustrations most people experience, I decided to do some searching on the internet. Surely, there has to be a bunch of sources out there already that give people the necessary information to help them choose the right horse boarding stable?

But, you know, apart from one pagers and a bunch of tips, I found nothing in-depth. I mean, NOTHING. I was quite disappointed. Even the forums weren’t very helpful.

And of course, if you don’t know what to ask, how can anyone help you?

That got me thinking …

  • What about all these poor horses that have ended up in sub-standard homes because their owners didn’t know any better?
  • What about all the new horse owners who want nothing more than live their childhood dream but don’t know where to start?
  • What if you had had the right information at the beginning of your search? Could you have avoided that last vet bill that almost broke the bank?
  • What if you could improve the quality of your time with your horse RIGHT now if you had all this information in front of you?
  • What if you’re in a bad situation now and need to move?

That’s when I realized that I OWE IT TO YOU to share everything I have learned over the past 10 years.

It wouldn’t be right for me to keep all this information to myself or to the select few that touch my life.

And what about all those horses who have no voice? They need someone to speak for them as well!

So, I’ve decided to write everything down in a simple to follow format and easy to understand language. All the short cuts. The things to look for in a horse boarding stable. The questions to ask horse boarding stables. Everything that I’ve learned over the past 10 years.

I’ve bundled all this information in a book called:

ISBN 933817-65-1

How to Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding,
Even if You Are New to Horses:

What you MUST know, ask, and look for
when searching for that happy, safe and
home for your horse and
a fun place for you…

If you are new to horses and horse boarding stables, then this is an absolute must read. After reading my book you will have the confidence knowing that you can make the right decisions for your horse even if you don’t have a clue right now.

And if you’ve been experiencing one disappointment after another, reading my book will put an end to this unpleasant journey and give you a FRESH NEW START.

Even if you are contemplating looking after other people’s horses or want to make improvements to your current horse boarding stable, this book will make a difference for you. Your operation will run a lot smoother with happy horses and their owners, plus your maintenance costs should be considerably lower.

And, by the way, this book is NOT a bunch of repackaged information. This book is full of real life stories, with tons of tips and solutions, and what to ask and look for. It’s based on hours of research and my own personal practical experience as boarder, designer, builder, barn owner and horse owner; and that of my boarders, fellow horse owners and other professionals.

I divided the book in three
easy to follow steps…

Getting Started – know what you want, need, and can afford

I sure remember those days when I was looking around for a horse boarding stable for my horse. It got confusing in a hurry! So many options… pasture board, self board, semi board, full board were only the start of it.

Then I learned that even within each of these options there were tons of differences. And then what about costs? Self board certainly sounded attractive, but then I started adding the extras and my time. I also had to take a hard look at my car and imagine that full of hay and feed! Hm…

In this section I’ll help you make some sense out of it all so you can start narrowing your search and better focus your time and energy before you even visit any of the horse boarding stables.

Checking out the horse boarding stables

Though I quite enjoy visiting different horse boarding stables, I can’t say I enjoyed my journey much when I was looking around for one to keep my horse. I had no idea what to look for and I was afraid that I would overlook things. By the end of the day all these horse boarding stables started to look the same too! It was overwhelming.

I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants… not to mention that I felt intimidated among all these “horsey” people. I had no idea what “typical signs of stress in horses” or “safe fencing” looked like. I lived in a sub-division and the only nail I ever pounded was to hang up a picture! I didn’t live with horses…

Living with horses, designing and building my own horse boarding stable from the ground up, and then looking after other people’s horses, certainly changed all that. I learned SO much! Now it’s time for you to benefit from my research and experience so that you’ll know what to look for without ever having to lift a hammer :)

Make your move

Once you’ve finally found a place I bet you can hardly wait to move your horse. But you’re not quite there yet. If you were moving away from one horse boarding stable, hopefully you’ve already checked your contract to see how many days notice you need to give – that is if you even have a contract.

You may have to get your vaccines updated, or perhaps there are some required tests that need to be done. You also need to coordinate a date and time to take your baby to his new home.

And what about getting a horse hauling company organized? That’s a whole other ball game. Where do you go? Who can you trust? A professional horse hauler has given me some great tips on how to choose a reputable horse hauler which I will share with you.

Here are examples of some of the great things
you’ll learn inside …

  • How to come across confident and knowledgeable when talking to seasoned horse people and avoid feeling like a rookie even if you are.
  • How horse boarding options are not created equal even though they may be called the same. I will show you how to extract the information you need so you don’t end up with compromised care or break your budget.
  • How to choose the proper boarding style best suited to your lifestyle and level of experience by doing a simple reality check – pg. 5 & 15
  • What your horse really needs to be happy, safe and healthy.
  • How to be absolutely clear on what you need to have for you AND your horse before you even start looking. This simple approach will save you hours of time and frustration – pg. 15
  • How to recognize a barn owner who is on top of their game or one who’s better to be avoided. And it’s not only about horses… – pg. 41
  • One simple “works every time” technique that tells you almost everything about the horse boarding stable without even speaking to a person – pg. 41
  • How to recognize when a horse boarding stable has your horse’s best interests at heart and is not all about money.
  • How to uncover the hidden costs and incorporate them properly into your budget and safeguard your horse’s happiness and health in the process – pg. 44
  • A simple process that makes a big statement about the professionalism of a horse boarding stable and lets you know where you stand – pg. 47
  • How to transition from one horse boarding stable to another in a way that minimizes everyone’s stress levels including yours – pg. 50
  • How to ensure that your horse gets handled in a respectful and kind manner by following these simple tips – pg. 53
  • Why it’s NOT okay to settle for comments like “horses rarely ever come and go here, so we don’t worry about it” when it comes to general herd health practices – pg. 56
  • To recognize the tell tale signs not to overlook if you want to know that your horse’s nutrition is taken seriously – pg. 62
  • How to make sense out of the barn’s dirty little secret and how current practices could affect your horse’s health – pg. 74
  • What first impressions you need to pay attention to and how they could affect your horse’s safety and your overall enjoyment – pg. 79
  • Why much of the unhappiness with a horse boarding arrangement is caused by things that you would never have guessed and how to safeguard yourself from this happening to you.
  • One hot tip that your horse will appreciate especially if he has an in/out paddock – pg. 89
  • How to do your own air quality test by paying attention to these simple signs – pg. 96
  • How not to miss the little “handy to have” things that are commonly taken for granted – pg. 107
  • How to spot common safety hazards in the barn that could cost you dearly in vet bills if things went bad …
  • That safety goes well beyond that of your horse … in chapter five I’ll show you the other parts you should never ignore – pg. 113
  • What to look for so you know your horse and your belongings are secure – pg. 118
  • How to recognize the signs of stress in horses … and how to spot the physical signs in their surroundings that will alert you to key emotional problems you NEVER want your horse to have – pg. 124
  • Apartment or mansion … know the minimum requirements when sizing up your horse’s living quarters – pg. 127
  • How to save yourself a $500 vet bill with this super easy tip that would cost no more than 30 cents and requires less than 2 minutes to implement – pg. 137
  • How to make sure that your horse can be the athlete you want him to be without getting cranky, lethargic or sick – pg. 141
  • Not all paddocks are created equal and whether your horse’s needs are met will be dependent on these factors – pg. 144
  • How to make sure that “pasture turnout” is what you really think it means – pg. 149
  • How to assess whether your horse will have what he needs to be comfortable when it comes to outside shelters – pg. 153
  • Learn about the subtle signs that are indicative of horse conscious management by looking for certain types of fencing and gates; and simple safety practices that should go hand in hand – pg. 155
  • How to make sure your horse’s social needs are met in a way that lets him be a happy horse – pg. 161
  • A simple calculation that you can do in your head that will tell you whether or not your horse’s daily needs are likely to be taken care off – pg. 166
  • How to make sure your horse doesn’t pay the price of thoughtlessness when it comes to simple routines – pg. 167
  • To look for these simple signs that tell you whether your horse will be treated as an individual – pg. 173
  • Do you have this nagging feeling like you’re moving away from “home” and worried that you may not feel at home at the new barn? In chapter 6 I’ll show you the things to consider and pay attention to so you don’t end up feeling like an outcast – pg. 178
  • Why some creature comforts are really worth having … especially if you’re female
  • Learn about common practices, and sometimes even required practices, that can have serious consequences for your horse … and your wallet – pg. 182 & 183
  • How to assess tack rooms and what you can learn from them by simply observing – pg. 62 & 185
  • Happiness goes well beyond that of your horse … here’s how to make sure you get your needs met too – pg. 191
  • How not to let your child’s dream become your nightmare because you didn’t know to ask these questions – pg. 191
  • How to pick an instructor that suits your learning style and meets your goals without wasting your time and money – pg. 197
  • If you love trail riding make sure you pay attention to these pointers to avoid disappointments – pg. 200
  • How to choose the right support system to get you through the growing phases of your horse, especially when you’ve never trained a horse before – pg. 203
  • Size matters, but it’s not the only thing that should be on your radar when choosing the right playground. In chapter 7 I’ll show you many things you’d never think off when looking at round pens and arenas … – pg. 207
  • How your indoor enjoyment can be quickly compromised if you don’t pay attention to these details before signing up – pg. 216
  • How this additive can be damaging to your horse’s hooves if you’re not aware of it being used – pg. 221
  • Two simple ways to assess whether you’ll have enough lighting when you want to ride in the dark – pg. 223
  • Why common interests are important when you check out the toy section – pg. 225
  • How to make your move as easy as possible so that you and your horse will experience the least amount of anxiety when transitioning to the new horse boarding stable …
  • Is picking the right hauler to move your baby freaking you out? Here are several tips for you to follow so you can make an educated decision and not be left standing with your fingers crossed … – pg. 237
  • And much, MUCH more …

How can you be sure that this really is
the right source of information for you?

If you’re already in a situation where your horse’s basic needs are taken care of and he has a happy and healthy attitude and looks good then this book is probably not for you.

If you are a seasoned boarder and aren’t experiencing any problems with your horse’s health and ability to perform, then this is probably not for you either.

If your current horse boarding stable has good knowledgeable staff you can rely on and you never feel like you have to worry, then you might not need it.

On the other hand, if this is a new or relatively new journey for you, there are certain points that you absolutely must get up to speed on …

Read through the list below … and if you find that you can identify with any one of those points, I would HIGHLY recommend that you grab a copy of my book RIGHT NOW.

  • If you are new to horse ownership or contemplating buying a horse and have to rely on the services offered by a horse boarding stable
  • If you’ve been disappointed, subjected to broken promises and excessive vet bills before and have to find a new horse boarding stable once again
  • If you are a parent and your child wants a horse but you’re not into horses
  • If you don’t have the confidence in yourself to make the right decisions for your horse
  • If you feel like others are running roughshod over you because you just don’t know right from wrong
  • If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the available choices and not sure how to make sense out of it all
  • If you’re realizing that you don’t know nearly as much about horses as you thought you did
  • If you’re faced with the possibility of losing your horse if you don’t budget carefully
  • If you’ve been searching on the internet looking for that one comprehensive source of information
  • If you’re not sure what a well managed horse boarding stable looks and feels like.
  • If you’re afraid that you may not feel at home at the new barn
  • If your current boarding experience has left you feeling sour

And …

  • If you’re thinking about boarding other people’s horses
  • If you’d like to improve on your current horse boarding business
  • If you’re bringing your horses onto your own property for the first time

this book will be of great benefit for YOU too!

The bottom line is this …

I don’t need to tell you whether or not you need the information that’s offered in my book. If you need it, you already know.

So … why is this book anything
different from what is out there?

Well, first of, I don’t think there is anything like this out there. In fact, I’m very sure that this IS the FIRST book that puts it all together in one place.

I know that when I was looking around when I started out, I had to get my information from all sorts of different sources. None of it was neatly bundled and presented in an easy to understand format like my book.

For you, apart from knowing what horses need, I also believe it’s important to understand the human factors and limitations the horse boarding business is faced with so that you can tell whether or not the business is well run. A must if your horse is to be properly cared for and for you to have peace of mind.

The cool thing is that with my book you’re going to get more than just the insider perspective. Don’t forget I’ve been where you are now, I have researched, designed and built my facility, and I’m now the person looking after your horse. I’m the barn owner, I run the business. I know where the pitfalls and short cuts are and I’m going to share those with you.


Well … part of my application process is to visit the horses before they come to my horse boarding stable. I’ve seen some awful conditions in which horses are kept. I’ve seen stuff I really don’t want to see, and I’ve heard too many stories I don’t want to hear repeated.

And because your horse is so dependent on the decisions that YOU make, I want you to have a good foundation to work from. Because that way you can make good sound decisions that work for the both of you.

I will teach you about what horses need, but also why. I will show you what makes a “horse friendly environment” especially taking the claustrophobic and explosive nature of our horses into consideration so you avoid those catastrophic disasters.

I will also share with you business practices that could potentially scream trouble. And how some common routines that are widely accepted, and sometimes even required, can actually be some of the most dangerous practices.

This book is full of examples and stories to illustrate what can happen when you don’t pay attention to these things or are simply not aware of them. And of course I’m going to show you what you can do to avoid them.

And it’s not only about horses. What about you? After all, horse boarding stables have been set up for you so you can enjoy the luxury of having your own horse without having to have the property to house him. But you need to know what to ask and observe so you can make sure it’s the right place for you too.

I don’t know of any other book out there that ties all these worlds together and explains how one effects the other. The better you understand what is going on and what can happen and why what happens happens, the more confident you can be about the decisions you make when choosing a horse boarding stable.

I guarantee you that by the time you’ve finished reading my book, you will feel empowered and confident to make the right decision for yourself and your horse. The world you see will have changed AND your horse will LOVE you for it.

Let me step back for a minute and ask you something.

What if this knowledge can help you avoid one vet bill? As you know, vet’s aren’t cheap. What would that be worth to you?

Now I’d like you to ask yourself:

What if there was a chance that you would no longer feel compelled to move your horse because of unsafe or unhealthy surroundings and practices?

What if you felt comfortable that you’ve left no stone unturned and made a sound decision even if you had just started out?

What if you could just have the time of your life with your horse without the drama everybody else talks about?

How much would that be worth to you? A thousand dollars? Ten thousand? More?

I know for myself, my friends, and my boarders… it’s simply priceless.

Just the POSSIBILITY of having true peace of mind knowing that your horse is properly cared for would be worth the investment.

I personally invested several years of research, hard manual labor and thousands of dollars to give my horses and those of my boarders the home they need.

I wish that I would have been able to buy this knowledge, insight and experience when I started out as a boarder and newbie. And I know you’ll be glad you made the investment when you visit your first horse boarding stable.

This is probably the most important investment you’ll ever make when you have to trust the care of your horse to a total stranger. And I assure you that you’ll be able to use the things that you’ll learn in my book to find that right horse boarding stable for your horse.

Here’s what I would like you to do …

I really want you to have this. And not just for you, but for your horse. He depends on you. I’m DEAD serious because you WILL NOT get this information ANYWHERE ELSE. I’m very sure of that.

Some people even get out of horses as a result of their unfortunate choices because they simply didn’t know any better. That doesn’t make them a bad horse owner. They just didn’t have the right source of information. And I don’t want to see you in that place. Do you?

So here is what I’d like to do for you …

I’ve just published my eBook version of my book. And I’m offering it for $14.95 for a limited time. Haven’t quite decided how long that will be yet, but it will go back up to the regular price of $27.

It’s the exact same as my published version that sells for $34.95, so this is a great deal. No shipping to pay plus you can start reading in 10 minutes.

And, while I have this special on, I will also give you a 30-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

I just really want you to have this. I mean, so many of my readers and their horses have already benefited from my book. I don’t want you to miss out.

Ronaye and TuxWith Love to you and your horse!


P.S. Every tip, strategy and technique that I share with you in this book is a PROVEN winner. Most of them have been incorporated in my own horse boarding business and have proven their effectiveness over and over. I know that the information in my book will lead you to the right horse boarding stable and allow you to avoid the nightmares everybody else talk about.

P.P.S. If you have any questions about this book, send an email to Ronaye@HorseBoardingSecrets.com

And, don’t just take my word for It…
See what others have to say


“Whether you are a horse boarder or own a horse boarding farm, this book is a must read. Ronaye’s research and first hand experience lays it all out in an easy, step-by-step manner so you can be sure to find the best boarding stable for your horse.

Before you choose the next home for your horse, take some lessons from Ronaye and make your choice with confidence!”

— Marie Taulbee, Owner of LaRaedo Horse Farm Management Software, www.LaRaedo.com


“I’ve boarded my horses for over thirty years and made many mistakes. Ronaye’s thorough coverage of both sides of boarding (horse owner and barn owner) will give even a seasoned horseperson something to think about.

If you are going to board your horse, you really need to consider so much before turning your horse’s care over to someone. Go through ‘HOW TO FIND Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses’ and decide what you can compromise on and what you can’t and take that list when you visit a barn.

If you’re thinking of filling your barn with boarders, read the book first and find out if you really want to deal with all that goes with it. Every horse owner has their own idea of how things should be done and you will hear about it at some point. Ronaye’s book will help anyone prepare for the well-being of their horse or their barn.”

— Corinne Hunt, Canadian Holistic Pet Food, www.cdnholisticpet.com


I wish Ronaye had written this book 12 years ago, when I first started boarding my horses. I realize now that I didn’t have a clue of what to look for. Not till 8 years later, when I moved my horses to Ronaye’s barn, did I find what I didn’t know my horses and I needed. Since arriving, my horses have been well looked after, their stalls are always clean and comfortable, their food is customized to their needs, they have a fantastic turnout and pasture… but mostly, they are SAFE.

From the moment they arrived, they were relaxed – I couldn’t believe how quickly they adjusted. Especially my mare – she’s a very nervous horse who never wanted to leave the barn. In the 3 and a half years we’ve been at Ronaye’s, not once has Shady balked at going out to the pasture. In fact, she hates staying in her stall during the day. What a change!

Everything Ronaye has written in her book, she practices. She knows what she’s talking about! Follow the advice she gives in this book – your horse will be happy and you will sleep soundly at night.

— Jo-Ann, Boarder at Jaquima Ranch


“Being a horse owner for the past 29 years, I can definitely say that I wish I had Ronaye’s book beside me for some of those years when I needed to board my horse out. Thinking I had my horse’s best interest in mind, I definitely went through my share of gut-wrenching challenges at many boarding facilities.

My horse got into turkey starter feed (someone didn’t shut the gate properly behind them), barbed wire accidents (so bad that the vet thought she wouldn’t make it through one) and unpredictable horse dynamics where she was getting hurt by being bullied more than a horse should, to name just a few of the problems.

Finding Ronaye’s book, I realized that I can find the perfect stress-free board and have a healthy, mentally happy and safe horse. Ronaye runs her own boarding facility under the same concepts of her book.

By reading the many fantastic tips this easy-to-read book has to offer, you’ll be thrilled to use it every step of the way in finding that safe and happy home your equine friend deserves!”

— Romana van Lissum, A horse owner for almost 30 years,
endurance rider for 6.
Author of How to be a Waitress and make Big Tips, www.HowToBeAWaitress.com


Thanks to your book, I recently found a GREAT barn for my horse! I knew which questions to ask and what to look for, and I didn’t settle until I found exactly what I was looking for, in my budget. It took six visits, but I found the right one. My horse is happy and well cared for, and that makes me happy.

— Kim, Michigan, USA


Hi Ronaye,

I am sooooooooo happy I found your website and your fabulous book. I bought it right away. And I just had to write and thank you.

In a nutshell, I have rekindled my deepest passion – horses – now this late in my life. I couldn’t be happier.

I have tried to formulate a 5 year plan where I do my homework and re learn the language and learn a lot more. I have never owned a horse but have ridden for the last 40 years on and off. (I am not ancient but I am 52)

Well in this my 2nd year of my “5 yr plan” I have fallen in love with a beautiful Andalusian gelding, just a fairytale horse.

I realized when looking around for boarding near my home it wasn’t just the “vacancy” “no vacancy” I had to be aware of.

I may not be able to get this first love because if I do I will have to keep him at his current home – which is beautiful, and clean and many of the right things – but just too far away.

I can’t thank you enough for all the information. Again I know it is easy to fall in love with these magical creatures but I have to be more than fiscally responsible too.

Your worksheets are going with me to every barn “interview”.

You are just a godsend!

Brightest Blessings

— Athyn, California, USA


“How to Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses” is a long-overdue work of art! This book is a must read manual for all new horse owners, and should be carefully considered by experienced horse people as well. It fairly teems with sagely advice & hard-earned wisdom that few of us could afford to discover on our own.

Take a well-earned bow, Ronaye! I’d like to keep a few copies of this book in the truck with me; I know it would certainly make me feel a lot better knowing I could offer it to someone who otherwise might have to go through the trauma & ordeal of making preventable mistakes with their horses. I am very proud to have contributed in some small way to this endeavor.

— Kevan Garecki, Professional Horse Transporter, H4 Services, Abbotsford, BC, Canada


“How To Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses is the most thorough book on selecting a horse boarding stable that I have ever read. Reading it could save you a lot of trouble or prevent an injury to your horse.”

— Hermen Geertsema, DVM, Hermen Geertsema Equine Services, www.geertsema.ca


“How To Find Trouble Free Horse Boarding, Even if You Are New to Horses gallops way ahead with author’s knowledge and insight into the horse boarding world. Provided me with the most useful advice I’ve seen in a long time. Love for these animals comes through loud and clear. Four horseshoes way up!”

— Carl Webster, Rural Farm Appraiser


The book is extremely thorough without being boring. I love Ronaye’s honesty and where she shares the moments of when she was once a newbie and lacked experience. There are even tips on what to look for when looking at roofing, how to spot potential problems and how these could be effecting your horse. Some of the information would never have crossed my mind. And it’s not only about horses. There is also a large emphasis on helping you get a place that you enjoy.

Once you’ve read the book you really do feel prepared to find the perfect home for your horse and yourself. Before wasting time and money on a stable it would be well worth your while to read this first. You will make fewer mistakes and have peace of mind knowing that you are doing the very best for your best friend.

I would love to read another informative book by Ronaye Ireland, she really speaks from experience and has a fun way of sharing what she has learned.

— Gail Nelson a newbie from Whonnock B.C., Canada


… I’ve already been drawn in… It’s very nicely designed (and that’s a real compliment! I’m a book designer.) And your writing is friendly and inviting. The pictures add just enough interest, but aren’t distracting. I’m amazed at all the details you’ve covered! You haven’t missed a thing.

Also, it’s really cool how you insert little stories along the way. Like the time your horse jumped out of the stall when snow slid off the roof and spooked her. I TOTALLY get it, like I was there with you! And your story about building your own round pen is very interesting. This is a fabulous e-book, and I’ll recommend it to my friends.

— Liz Tufte, long time horse owner and boarder, Minneapolis, USA